HSBC in Algeria

HSBC France established a presence in Algeria in August 2008, opening a registered office and branch in Algiers (Pins Maritimes).

In 2009, the Money and Credit Council authorised the transfer of the administrative supervision of HSBC Algeria from HSBC France (HBFR) to HSBC Bank Middle East Limited (HBME).

In May 2010, the Bank of Algeria authorised the opening of a second branch in the district of Hydra (Algiers). A third branch opened in the city of Oran in September 2012.

In August 2019, the Bank of Algeria authorized the consolidation of its two branches (Pins Maritimes and Hydra) into a single branch located at Oriental Business Park Bab EZZOUAR as well as the transfer of its head office to the same address.

HSBC Bank Middle East Algeria, part of the HSBC Group, offers services to corporate customers including Global Trade and Receivable Finance, Global Payment Solutions and Global Markets.

HSBC Bank Middle East Limited - Board of Directors

  • Abdulfattah Sharaf (Chairman)
  • Samir Assaf
  • Majed Najm
  • Paul Lawrence
  • Stephen Moss
  • Amina Al Rustamani
  • John Bartlett
  • John Raine
  • Muna Al Gurg
  • Neslihan Erkazanci
For details about HSBC’s global operations, Group board members and financial results, go to our corporate website

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