Our strategy

We aim to be the world’s leading international bank. We help personal, wealth and corporate clients thrive through our deep heritage in faster-growing, higher-returning markets, particularly in Asia and the Middle East. Our strategy is supported by long-term global trends and strategic advantages that help us connect our customers to opportunities and deliver value for our stakeholders.

In February 2020, we set out a plan to position the Group to increase returns for investors, create the capacity to invest in the future and build a sustainable platform for growth. The plan involves upgrading the return profile of our risk-weighted assets (RWAs) by reallocating low-growth, low-returning assets into high-growth, higher-returning opportunities in other parts of the Group. These include our high-returning Asia and Middle East businesses, HSBC UK, our market-leading transaction banking franchise and international wealth.

Our remodelling plans will be accompanied by a substantial cost reduction programme and a number of steps to simplify HSBC. These aim to reduce our overall cost base and to accelerate the pace of change.

Further information about HSBC’s strategy is available on our global corporate website . Please note this is English language only.